There are so many sock choices it can often be difficult deciding what to buy. Finding the sock that works best for your activity, the weather conditions, and your feet makes all the difference in your comfort. Too often we blame a shoe or boot for not working right when in all actuality, its probably the sock youre wearing. Read more to see why the right socks are so critical to your comfort.

Wearing the proper sock is critical to the enjoyment of athletic activities. Every action creates different stress points on the body, and in order to prevent injury, vulnerable spots must be protected. The incidence of blisters and other foot problems can be reduced by wearing socks that fit exceptionally well and that wick moisture.

Fox Rivers patented Wick Dry Health System is designed to help keep feet dry and comfortable, no matter what the temperature. This system combines an inner layer of moisture-repelling (hydrophobic) yarn with an outer layer of moisture-attracting (hydrophilic) yarn to wick moisture away from feet.

High-performance socks protect feet against cold or excessive heat and assist the foots own temperature regulating function. Under varying climatic conditions, socks help balance the bodys temperature and manage perspiration creating a pleasant microclimate next to the skin.

Since human core temperature of the head and torso must remain at approximately 98.6F (37C), it is essential that heat be removed at the same rate it is produced. With increased physical exertion, more heat is generated throughout the body which causes people to sweat. The prerequisite for cooling is evaporation. Therefore, clothing (including socks) must have good moisture transfer capacity to ensure the microclimate next to the skin remains dry and comfortable.

Fox River uses a combination of natural and synthetic fibers to help keep feet dry and comfortable, minimizing friction and creating an environment that promotes healthier feet.


Designed to help ease circulation, these lightweight, non-binding crew socks feature super soft, smooth UltraSpun polyester.

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